Absentee bidding: 

1) Find the work

At Psaroni Auction Gallery, you can pursue your treasure-hunt on three platforms: 

When you have found a work, or multiple works, you like, note down the lot number. The lot number is identification number of the artwork in our catalogue.  

2) Bidding

When you have found the work you like, you can either a) place an absentee bid, or b) bid on LiveAuctioneers. 

Absentee bidding:

When placing an absentee bid, you simply go to the contact page and submit an enquiry. This must contain the lot number(s) for the lot(s) you wish to bid on and your maximum bid.  Then our auctioneers will bid on the lot for you, and you will be notified after the auction with the result. When submitting an absentee bid, you agree to our terms and conditions, found here


Bidding on Invaluable is very simple and explained by our colleague Spencer from Bakker Auctions here and below. 

3) Payment and shipping

If you are the lucky winner of an artwork, you will receive an invoice on your e-mail, which can be paid via. PayPal. The invoice includes a description of the lot(s) you have won and the price of the lot.

Also included in the invoice is worldwide, in-house express shipping with UPS. Our experience is that when Clients of us have purchased an artwork, they want to make sure it is safely delivered to their doorstep, without managing the hassle of coordinating with shippers themselves, so do not worry - we take care of that. If, however, you wish to arrange the shipping yourself, notify us before you have paid the invoice, and we will await instructions from you. When using us or an external partner for shipping, you agree to our terms and conditions, found here